Qualunque sia la tua idea di matrimonio, siamo qui per realizzarla. Scrivici, ti contatteremo al più presto per parlare e capire insieme come rendere indimenticabile il giorno più felice della tua vita.
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Who we are and what we do

Who We are

Niccolò, Sophie, Michele and Claudia: reliable and creative professionals, ready to support you in that fantastic enterprise that is the organization of your wedding. We are a small family, four personalities capable of complementing each other: advertising, web, event organization are just some of the environments in which we grew up and where we formed. But we don’t want to add anything else: there is the Face to face for that.

How we met

A classic love story: we met for work reasons and we started to work together first on small projects and then on bigger ones. Whenever one of us needed, he would call others just for advice. Thecentral idea between all was the wedding sector, always present and always pleasant to carry on together. So we decided to join forces and create something our own: In White Wedding.

Why choose us

Because we let you get to the altar without thoughts: tell us your dream, we’ll take care of it. From participation in catering, from logistics to location, we will take care of putting together all the elements to give you and your loved ones an unforgettable day. Professionalism, attention and imagination are the foundations of all our work. And we put our heart into it: we know well how important and precious your marriage is.

Face to face

Our family


Toscano Doc, born in Florence and traveler since ever: I love traveling and getting to know new realities growing with them. I received my bachelor’s degree in business from Nottingham Trent University and my specialization in entertainment from BCUC at High Wycombe in England. Once back in Italy I started working in the production of big events and as an assistant director in Milan. These experiences led me to want to create something of my own and so my company dedicated to events and communication was born. However, after 16 years the call of Tuscany was too strong: I returned to live here together with my beautiful wife, continuing to do my job and building a new reality linked to my land. Photographer for hobby and cyclist out of necessity (to avoid getting too fat, my wife cooks very well!), I love the contact with nature and the simple relationship of life in the country.


They call me the Gian Burrasca (*like a Little Rascals) of the family and I’m the creative part of the Team. Always passionate about drawings and doodles, I attended the Institute of Art and the Florence Polimoda to sharpen my knowledge of graphics and advertising. After my training, I started working for a communication agency in Florence: this world got me so passionate that I decided to create my own business by opening my agency. Falls and mistakes are not missed, but I firmly believe that they are fundamental for learning and they help me to always do better and better. In my spare time I’m a professional cat cuddler and I’m crazy about pugs.


Always passionate about marketing and advertising, I pursued the dream of building my future in this sector, from a very young age. I graduated from a professional institute for tourism&advertising and then continued my studies at the University of Bologna. I have a master’s degree in Graphics and Web Design and an SEO diploma. I speak Italian, English, French and Spanish. Over the years I have been in charge of the Graphic and Computer sector of several international companies, until several years ago I realized my entrepreneurial dream of opening my own communication agency. I have many passions, which I try to reconcile with my many work commitments, continually messing up my life in a crazy way. I am surrounded by wonderful people: my colleagues, my partner and my daughter Emily, to whom I owe my every success.


Web developer, GEEK and NERD, I have always cultivated a passion for information technology and photography. The heavy work does not scare me: I chose a profession that I like and that allows me to always face new challenges (there is no lack of sacrifices, but when you arrive at the end of the day and have had fun, everything makes sense). Freelance for communication agencies and events, I often create software and products that do not exist by designing them on the requests of my clients. Hopelessly in love with my husband, I love traveling and living with contradictions: I hate pink, but I love unicorns, a perfectionist in my work and chaotic at home, I never stop learning and I commit myself to everything I do.

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